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Choose a one-week institute on Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills for first-and second-year classes or a week on Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency for upper-level, AP, and IB classes, or do two weeks back-to-back and infuse proficiency into your program from top to bottom.  

You will leave with a clear plan and support materials to build a curriculum that supports and engages students and builds strong, lasting proficiency!

What is the World Language Proficiency Project?

What is the World Language Proficiency Project?

Our mission is to teach you SKILLS and SYSTEMS that will have your students zooming into higher orbit from day one in the fall! We offer two different Institutes:

In our Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills Institute, for teachers of first- and second-year classes, you’ll learn:

✔️How to build community AND language proficiency from day one of class

✔️How to begin working with reading and literacy right away

✔️How to create engaging, meaningful characters and stories with your students

✔️How to create, administer and score performance and proficiency assessment that build confidence and show your students how much they are growing

✔️Skills to help you stay in the target language so YOU CAN SPEAK to your class in the target language with confidence and ease as much as you want to!

In our Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Institute, for teachers of students who have an Intermediate Mid level of proficiency or higher, you’ll learn:

✔️ How to plan content-based instruction aligned to AP/IB themes, to your students’ interests, or to curricular goals such as teaching about culture, history, or science.

✔️ How to scaffold output to help your students develop the thinking, writing, and speaking skills to be successful on AP/IB tests and in using the language to communicate about academic topics.

✔️ How to assemble portfolios of student work to document progress, and how to use rubrics and learning progressions.

Where will the seminars be?


July 16 - July 20,
July 23 - July 26

St. Louis: 

July 30 - August 3


August 13 - August 17,

August 20 - August 23


 June 18 - June 22,

June 25 - June 28

Hear What People Say About Us

"Finally! Tina and Ben gave me the tools to replace the worn out, broken tools I had used for years. Those old tools were not producing strong, confident communicators. In just one year, my students are communicating at much higher levels with more confidence than ever. I now look forward to my classes and the fun we get to have."

Laura Peterson Mathieu 

“A new way to teach language and communication. These methods engage all learners in creative, full brain, immersion style teaching while still remaining comprehensible. My students enjoy my class now and talk about it at home. They are understanding and producing the language at a much higher rate and I am more engaged in class as well!"

Kristen Noelle Donoghue Wolf

"These workshops provided me with a system. Instead of just the next fun idea to try to jam into a class period. It provided me with a system. The system for BICS is no-prep! The system for CALP involves prep but is minimal and it works! I feel like I am teaching real language instead of a list of 3 target phrases that I am forcing on the kids. The students and I are happier and they are learning more."

Jennifer Smith

We can't wait for you to join us!

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